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Like it or not, our lives have become transformed by the media we consume. We are part of a conversation taking place not just among friends, but among the world. Tidal waves of influence are driven by the stories smart companies are sharing about who they are, and why they believe in what they do.

At Zoog Media, storytelling is more than a job–it propels us out of bed each morning faster than a hot cup of joe. Our team is small and tenacious. Once you enter our world we’ll share our stories, laugh with you (and at ourselves), and make your media creation experience delightful. We’ve gained a reputation for making films with emotional connection regardless of the subject.

Some of our clients include Ignition, Milicron, Hoxworth Blood Center, Ronald McDonald House, Boys and Girls Club Cincinnati, Visiting Nurse Association, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and many other. No matter who the client is, the thrill that comes from discovering a unique narrative never fades away.

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Steve Zugelter – Owner/Creative Director

After starting his career in television production, Steve formed Zoog Media to offer services to other organizations that had specific production needs. He quickly assembled a team of like-minded creatives to build on his vision and help various companies and non-profits grow and achieve new goals. When not in the studio, he can be found giving endless piggy back rides to his young daughters or simply relaxing with his incredible wife, Reagan.

Sarah Lightfoot – Editor

After failing her first film school exam, who would’ve though she’d have gone on to create amazing films and commercials for various clients. Her unique ability to weave images together to create a motivation story is unparalleled in the area. For fun Sarah loves playing with her two small children and spending time with her husband.

Jon Becker – Cinematographer/Editor

When Jon is shooting, this is a good thing to keep in mind. It’s not supposed to seem like he’s there. He’s definitely larger than a fly on your wall and he’s so handsome you may just wanna pet him. But remember that wild animals are unpredictable and it’s best to leave them alone, EVEN if you have a meat tray and sandwich supplies in abundance, it’s best not to try and offer him anything. Wild animals are known for erratic and misleading behavior. Just because he walked in with a camera doesn’t mean he’s gonna film anything once he sits on your couch with a snack to watch the game. He’s also been known to play dead. And he’s too heavy to roll over with a stick.

Josh Emerson – Cinematographer/Motion Graphics

Josh Emerson is a filmmaker/motion designer and Cincinnati native. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP (Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning) program, Josh fell in love with the art of capturing stories through film, and has been pursuing that dream since. When not behind the lens, he can usually be found working on motion design projects, catching up on the latest Apple gadgets, or spending time with his beautiful and extremely organized wife.

Josh Curington – Cinematographer/Photographer

Josh is a photography graduate who has a genuine, life-long, love for video. He has been with Zoog Media for 3 years and has enjoyed every second of it. Shooting video is capturing that perfect “moment,” framing that beautiful shot, and getting the job done right, and it’s something he strives to do every time. When Josh is not doing just that he’s climbing Mt. Everest or taming wild animals and occasionally enjoys showing Steve how to focus his shots to ensure the best product we can deliver (Zing!). When he’s not doing any of those things Josh loves spending time with my beautiful wife, Kristen, and their incredible son, Jackson. The two of them are his entire world and play a major influential role in the work that he does.

Reagan Zugelter – Business Manager

A graduate of Northern Kentucky University in television production and marketing, Reagan spent 10 years in Marketing and Project Management in the media industry before she joined the Zoog Media team. Reagan manages all the day-to-day operations of the studio and keeps the team organized. Outside of working, Reagan’s passions are outdoor activities with her family and teaching a fitness class at the YMCA.