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What We Do - Zoogmedia

What We Do

Sharing the tale of your company or product demands both technical skill and creative execution. That’s a set of gifts we have, and we promise to only use it for good (unless we find out Darth Vader is our father, then we’ll have to think about it).

From script writing to story boarding, all the way to delivery, we’re your partner on this creative journey.  At Zoog Media, we listen to our clients. Before we can start a project, we study your culture, your specific needs, and the “Why” behind the work. We’re a little spunky and a lot of fun, but that doesn’t mean you are. That’s okay. We’re cool with putting on suits every now and then and getting down to business, too.  We collaborate on your vision, then we bring that vision by doing what we do best.  Here are just a few of our offerings:

Whether it’s 15, 30, or 60 seconds long, a well executed television commercial can drive your product or message to the masses. We’ve helped some of Cincinnati’s most recognizable brands experience higher sales and increased growth through our commercial production.
Web Videos:
A web video works much the same way as a television commercial but without the restrictions and expense of airtime.  We’ve created successful web-based videos for several of Cincinnati’s leading companies to help spread their message via the Internet.
Nonprofit Videos:
We have partnered with Cincinnati’s leading nonprofit organizations to tell their stories and the stories of those they help through our engaging videos. Our personal approach to get to know each organization and the people they serve has led to these organizations reporting record donations and an increased public awareness vs previous years without using video to tell their story.
Corporate Video:
Training videos, internal videos and everything in between, we can create a video for your eyes only. Whether it’s to train new employees or spread a message company-wide, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your message and brand integrity are at the core of the video.